{'body': u' 415-625-3601 ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4156253601'], 'createdon': 1508607540, 'pid': 24461026, 'phone': '4156253601', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135906378, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135906378, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '6e7e114edae515548361c69abac615c1', 'post_id': 24461026, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '6/e/7/e/6e7e114edae515548361c69abac615c1', 'full_path': '6/e/7/e/6e7e114edae515548361c69abac615c1'}], 'id': 24461026, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '415-625-3601', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Erica love ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, IRVING', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 1
Sat. Oct. 21
Erica love
Posted: 08:39 AM
{'body': u' If quality is what you seek then look no further. I cater to mature gentlemen who enjoy being pampered by a curvy, brunette bombshell like myself!! Our time is always discreet and never rushed. If you like my pictures, you will love me in person!
Malayna.512.593.2749 In & Out available ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['5125932749'], 'createdon': 1508607120, 'pid': 24483752, 'phone': '5125932749', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136046044, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136046044, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'b60882e947282fec9c12988c90309dae', 'post_id': 24483752, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'b/6/0/8/b60882e947282fec9c12988c90309dae', 'full_path': 'b/6/0/8/b60882e947282fec9c12988c90309dae'}], 'id': 24483752, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '512-593-2749', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f499Sexy Brunette Next Door\U0001f499\u03b1v\u03b1i\u2113ab\u2113e NOW\U0001f49e\U0001f48e ', 'age': 26, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, North Dallas 635 & coit', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 2
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972-684-4088 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9726844088'], 'createdon': 1508606760, 'pid': 24483681, 'phone': '9726844088', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136045609, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136045609, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'd7e33f059c56a4706e2609c78caf9727', 'post_id': 24483681, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'd/7/e/3/d7e33f059c56a4706e2609c78caf9727', 'full_path': 'd/7/e/3/d7e33f059c56a4706e2609c78caf9727'}], 'id': 24483681, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '972-684-4088', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f483\U0001f514 the teacher is back \U0001f483\U0001f514 ', 'age': 37, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'coit and 75, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 3
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1OO% R\u03b5a\u2113 pictur\u03b5s!! \U0001f648
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\U0001f48b\U0001f48bCALL or Text me now 25633O2852 Barbra\U0001f48b\U0001f48b ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2563302852'], 'createdon': 1508606700, 'pid': 24473806, 'phone': '2563302852', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135985572, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135985572, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'b47a3e198e10743d15ceacc2a933e685', 'post_id': 24473806, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'b/4/7/a/b47a3e198e10743d15ceacc2a933e685', 'full_path': 'b/4/7/a/b47a3e198e10743d15ceacc2a933e685'}], 'id': 24473806, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '256-330-2852', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f33a\u24c4\u24dd\u24d4 \u24de\u24d5 \u24d0 \u24da\u24d8\u24dd\u24d3\U0001f33aAvai\u2113ab\u2113\u03b5 No\uffe6\U0001f33a N\u03b8th\xa1ng B\u03bct \u24d2\u24db\u24d0\u24e2\u24e2\U0001f451 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Garland', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 4
{'body': u'My name is Zoey. Come in and see all my hard work and then forget everything except my mouth. Fresh new attitude. Revamped and refreshed.I am dying to give you the best and most memorable head of your life. 100% independent and drama free. Tall slender hourglass figure green eyes. \n2144271937', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'mp', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2144271937'], 'createdon': 1508606638, 'pid': 24454409, 'phone': '2144271937', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135864154, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135864154, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'd9ccf322841d38aa80583fec8cbcf47b', 'post_id': 24454409, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'd/9/c/c/d9ccf322841d38aa80583fec8cbcf47b', 'full_path': 'd/9/c/c/d9ccf322841d38aa80583fec8cbcf47b'}], 'id': 24454409, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-427-1937', 'videos': [], 'title': u'New and improved', 'age': 40, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Irving', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': 'laynezoey1@gmail.com'} 5
New and improved
Posted: 08:23 AM
{'body': u'682 235 9601\n60qv\n80hhr', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'mp', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6822359601'], 'createdon': 1508606204, 'pid': 24213989, 'phone': '6822359601', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 134372486, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 134372486, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '884dc356f4f0b560d93377997198bd4d', 'post_id': 24213989, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '8/8/4/d/884dc356f4f0b560d93377997198bd4d', 'full_path': '8/8/4/d/884dc356f4f0b560d93377997198bd4d'}], 'id': 24213989, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '682-235-9601', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Cookies and Cream', 'age': 30, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas Cliff and Irving', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': 'queen30williams@gmail.com'} 6
Cookies and Cream
Posted: 08:16 AM
{'body': u' \U0001f33aSweet n Sensual who want to make your Dreams becomes a Reality.\U0001f33awill Charm you with Personalities and Meamerize you with Sexy CURVES..
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I perfected all the skills necessary to keep you beyond satisfied. I am also experienced enough to know what will keep you coming back wanting more and more of me. I love spending time with intellectual gentlemen.I strive to provide unparalleled experiences to a select few who appreciate A Sexy Lady with a Great Mind & Skills! All my sessions are no rush no fuss guaranteed. \U0001f539I have a BEAUTIFUL face to match my body! \U0001f525Let me SPOIL you with my SWEET PERSONALITY!\U0001f450 \U0001f4a7I love polite and respectful gentlemen\U0001f450!\U0001f445Un-Rushed \U0001f606Great Attitude \U0001f48bSexy & Fun \U0001f64aDiscreet \U0001f493Open Minded \U0001f493Classy \U0001f617Skilled && Love What I DoPersia (972)866-4166Si Habla Espanol Papi ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9728664166'], 'createdon': 1508605500, 'pid': 24483593, 'phone': '9728664166', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136045106, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136045106, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '71ca9521a2b3ecc52a1a4846825da4a1', 'post_id': 24483593, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '7/1/c/a/71ca9521a2b3ecc52a1a4846825da4a1', 'full_path': '7/1/c/a/71ca9521a2b3ecc52a1a4846825da4a1'}], 'id': 24483593, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '972-866-4166', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u2728\U0001f36d\u2728\U0001f48eLaTiNa BlOnDe BeAuTy BaRBiE\U0001f36d\U0001f48e\U0001f36d \U0001f48b\U0001f4a6\U0001f48bMoUtH WaTeRiNg SeRvIcE\U0001f48b\U0001f4a6\u2728\U0001f48b\u2728 ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'635 Garland, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 8
{'body': u' NO service just party favors
420, snow, sk8 Hydros, bars
I can help find it all Party favor only Noservice
682-234-335five ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6822343355'], 'createdon': 1508605380, 'pid': 24483591, 'phone': '6822343355', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136045099, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136045099, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'de5db03f1410d096990c73a965c66c8c', 'post_id': 24483591, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'd/e/5/d/de5db03f1410d096990c73a965c66c8c', 'full_path': 'd/e/5/d/de5db03f1410d096990c73a965c66c8c'}], 'id': 24483591, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '682-234-3355', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Best In town\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f445\U0001f4a6\U0001f618\U0001f618 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Dallas Outbound', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 9
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\u274cExplicit Vocabulary & Excessive Text Will Terminate Your Appointment \U0001f4f5
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{'body': u" WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT U GET! GUARANTEED! Real Photos \U0001f618
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\u2b50If this will be our first time meeting please CALL FIRST!
Ask about my lovely emani sp\U0001f48bEmani Love\U0001f48b
\U0001f496214\u2764367\u27640999\u2764\u2764Please note i do have a screening process . ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2143670999'], 'createdon': 1508604360, 'pid': 24483502, 'phone': '2143670999', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136044642, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136044642, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '8d7e83ee8d9e309f3f413a7a1aab10c5', 'post_id': 24483502, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '8/d/7/e/8d7e83ee8d9e309f3f413a7a1aab10c5', 'full_path': '8/d/7/e/8d7e83ee8d9e309f3f413a7a1aab10c5'}], 'id': 24483502, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-367-0999', 'videos': [], 'title': u'EARLY \u2022\u2606\u2022\U0001f380\U0001f48b\U0001f484MORNING \u2022\u2606\u2022\U0001f380\U0001f48b\U0001f484 \u300aNice & Sweet\u300b\u2022\u2606\u2022\U0001f380\U0001f48b\U0001f484\u300aCant Get Any Better\u300b ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Mckinney area Not in dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 11
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Late Night Snack
Posted: 06:04 AM
{'body': u" \u2665 Hey there my name is Macy & I promise to be the girl who shows up at your door.
More than likely I will have on a short skirt, no panties and 6 inch heels. ! \u2665


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Mya (214) 216-2809 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2142162809'], 'createdon': 1508597040, 'pid': 24210736, 'phone': '2142162809', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 134352512, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 134352512, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '9e8a168d80feef2520be3787cebe85be', 'post_id': 24210736, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '9/e/8/a/9e8a168d80feef2520be3787cebe85be', 'full_path': '9/e/8/a/9e8a168d80feef2520be3787cebe85be'}], 'id': 24210736, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-216-2809', 'videos': [], 'title': u"100% REAL Ebony \U0001f499Let's Chill \U0001f618 ", 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 32
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Serious inquiries only!
+1 (702) 559-9221 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['7025599221'], 'createdon': 1508596200, 'pid': 24449194, 'phone': '7025599221', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135832749, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135832749, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'df731b52a4cfc059eda0b4836f77cb86', 'post_id': 24449194, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'd/f/7/3/df731b52a4cfc059eda0b4836f77cb86', 'full_path': 'd/f/7/3/df731b52a4cfc059eda0b4836f77cb86'}], 'id': 24449194, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '702-559-9221', 'videos': [], 'title': u'New to Dallas\U0001f525\U0001f525\U0001f525 freaky\U0001f608 Curvy\u2b50\ufe0f Petite\U0001f4a6 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Downtown Dallas & surrounding cities', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 34
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- GORGEOUS E x o t I c M I X E D curvy Small BBW -

My PLACE ONLY, Available Late Nights / EARLY Mornings \U0001f609!

\U0001f48b Miahh 951 241 6185

(PICTURES 100% ACCURATE & REALLY ME, I currently have black curly hair) ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9512416185'], 'createdon': 1508595840, 'pid': 24480441, 'phone': '9512416185', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136026328, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136026328, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'c546863304be13cb3bb280d7034c64d2', 'post_id': 24480441, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'c/5/4/6/c546863304be13cb3bb280d7034c64d2', 'full_path': 'c/5/4/6/c546863304be13cb3bb280d7034c64d2'}], 'id': 24480441, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '951-241-6185', 'videos': [], 'title': u"I\u2019m back \u2708\ufe0f \uff41\uff56\uff41\uff49\uff4c\uff41\uff42\uff4c\uff45\U0001f4de \uff4e\uff4f\uff57 \uff44\uff4f\uff4e'\uff54 \uff4d\uff49\uff53s \uff4f\uff55\uff54\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f ", 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Coit 635 and 75, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 36
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Thrilling Thursday
Posted: 05:16 AM
{'body': u" .\U0001f1f7 \U0001f1ea \U0001f1e6 \U0001f1e9 \U0001f1fe \U0001f48e \U0001f1f3 \U0001f48b \U0001f1fc \U0001f4a6
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